3 Strategies to Weather Pandemic Fatigue

Emily Madill
5 min readFeb 23, 2021
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It’s been nearly a year since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. It’s safe to say, many of us are now at the point where we don’t want to hear another word about a pandemic, except that it’s over.

With the vaccine rollout underway in many parts of the world, there are glimpses of hope that an end to this nightmare might actually be in sight.

But rumblings of new variants and the continued spread of the virus threaten to overshadow our fledgling optimism that lockdowns and social distancing will ease up in the near future.

By nature, we are social beings who thrive in environments that allow us to gather, explore and celebrate together. But this pandemic cares little about our preferences. It continues to wreak havoc on the fabric of our society.

In my part of the world, our Minister of Health, Adrian Dix, and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry hit the airwaves on an almost daily basis to give their updates on COVID-19.

For nearly a year, this dynamic duo has tirelessly urged us to be kind, calm and safe. They’ve reiterated the importance of toeing the line, flattening the curve and doing our part to safeguard the vulnerable and avoid overwhelming our health care system. People are committed to this and want to speed up the end game.

But after months of waxing and waning hopes, I know I’m not alone in hitting a wall with pandemic fatigue. I miss my people. I miss hugs. I miss being able to celebrate my loved ones in their highs and hold them close through their lows and losses. I miss cheering for my kids on the sidelines with all the other passionate moms and dads. I miss seeing smiles, and sharing my own with strangers out in the world.

I miss hugging my 93-year-old grandma and holding her hand when we visit. I miss visiting her freely, without needing to pre-book and go through a thorough screening process. I miss seeing her eyes light up at the sight of my kids or our sweet little rescue dog. I miss conversations when she could understand what I was saying because my voice wasn’t muffled under a mask.

Over this past year, I have missed getting to celebrate the life of a friend who lost her life. I have missed witnessing my cousin get…

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