5 Steps to Create Meaningful Goals on a Seasonal Basis

Emily Madill
6 min readMar 16, 2021
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How often throughout the year do you carve out time to create meaningful goals?

Are you someone who is in a regular routine of setting and meeting your personalized goals? Or are you more inclined to fly by the seat of your pants?

When the year comes to a close, do you generally feel like you made full use of the time you were given? Or are you more likely to end the year hoping the next one will be different or better?

No matter which camp you fall into, there is an easy way to create meaningful goals that will help you feel like you’re on your best track throughout the year.

It’s simply a matter of working with what nature provides. More specifically, it’s about utilizing the change in seasons as a segue to tune inward and map out your goals one season and step at a time.

Many companies implement a similar process, referred to as quarterly planning. In quarterly planning, the yearly plan is divided into four quarters. Every three months, goals are set, strategic plans are documented and achievements are celebrated.

As a professional coach, I’m accustomed to supporting my clients to create meaningful and realistic goals throughout the year. The process of setting goals often starts by mapping out the big picture of where, when and how they spend their time. Then we look at what their definition of success and happiness includes. I’m always inspired to witness others create their own clarity and plan for loving their lives.

I’ve come to notice in my life, and witness in the lives of others, what often gets in the way of having a fulfilling life, is not a lack resourcefulness or awareness of what we want. It’s usually that the days are long and the years are short, and we just kind of fall into habits where we forget to tune inward to recognize if we are on our best path.

That’s why I started using the four seasons throughout the year as markers of time to initiate a reset and plan for my season ahead. My seasonal planning ensures that I never veer too far away from my personal definition of success and happiness. Afterall, a new season and opportunity for a reset is always right around the corner.



Emily Madill

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