How to Embrace Alignment and Be in the Moment with What is Real

Emily Madill
5 min readFeb 24, 2022
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“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

When was the last time you gave yourself reprieve? Not just a break from daily doing, but space to quiet your mind and allow the weight of the day to release you from its grip. It can be a challenge to connect inward to our source of stillness and calm. But imagine feeling grounded and centered, no matter the storm. What a gift!

Embracing alignment is about harnessing our ability to focus. It means caring enough about how we feel to regularly press pause on our inner dialogue. To clear the path. To be in the moment with what is real — right now.

When we close the tabs on our computer and reboot the system, it will function with the speed and precision we’ve come to expect. The more we get into the habit of updating our computer, the better it will operate.

Our mind and body also need to rest and reset in order to function optimally.

According to the Scientific American article “Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime,” “that learning and memory depend on both sleep and waking rest may partially explain why some of the most exceptional artists and athletes among us fall into a daily routine of intense practice punctuated by breaks and followed by a lengthy period of recuperation.”

It’s okay to let go of the absurd idea that we should be running on all cylinders at all times while also wearing bright, happy smiles — it’s not healthy or realistic.

Our well-being impacts every area of our life. And being well is about more than our physical health. It’s about how we tend to our inner world. There is no true well-being without it.

Experiencing greater presence and alignment in our daily life may sound like an abstract pipe dream. And there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to clear the clutter of a busy mind. But here are 3 concrete methods you can try right now to be in the moment with what is real.

Method 1: Breathe

One of the easiest ways to redirect a busy mind is to use our breath as a calming tool. When we focus on the steady rhythm of our breath, we bridge the gap between our mind and our body. Deep, intentional…

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