The Easiest Way to Reset Your Mindset to Thrive

Emily Madill
5 min readMar 24, 2021
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Is your current mindset helping you or hurting you? How do you most want to feel in this moment?

When you become aware of your current frame of mind, and you get clear on how you would like to feel, you are taking important steps that will help you reset your mindset.

But how you want to feel might be miles away from how you are actually feeling right now.

When we are in a mindset funk, it can feel like an impossible undertaking to move through what feels heavy on our hearts and minds. Simply knowing how we want to feel — in these cases — is not enough to bridge the gap to get back to a place of thriving.

On the days we need a mindset reset the most, it will require something a little extra to help us feel like our best selves again — or at the very least — a brighter version.

It turns out, there is a relatively simple way to reset your mindset to thrive. It’s all about using the power of gratitude to feel your way back into alignment.

This past year has been a bumpy ride for everyone on a human journey. I’ve turned to these gratitude practices, more than a few times, to pull myself out of the dreaded mindset slump.

Next time you find yourself ready for a mindset reset, give these 3 gratitude practices a try and see what shifts.

Gratitude Practice #1: Name It Aloud

What are you grateful for right now? It doesn’t have to be something notable. When it comes to gratitude, sticking to the basics is the easiest way to say what you mean and mean what you say. There is no sense pretending. That won’t help you shift out of a mindset rut.

When you have an idea of what you are grateful for, say it aloud to yourself, or to whomever is within earshot. If you have more than one reason to be grateful, list them all. Better yet, turn them into a song. It doesn’t have to sound good to anyone but you. There is power in bringing your thoughts and words to life. Use your voice to get on the path of noticing more of what is going well in your life.

Gratitude Practice #2: Write It Down

Emily Madill

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